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Heightened sensitivity and resolution for accurate radiotracer research studies

Precision Imaging For Precision Medicine

Precision medicine recognizes that each patient is unique and the best healthcare delivers the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. With novel radiotracers, positron emission tomography (PET) imaging can visualize specific disease functions to drive timely treatment decisions.

Developing and validating new radiotracers and understanding the breadth of their applications is the vanguard of precision medicine. Accurate PET radiotracer studies require accurate image acquisition. Maximizing the sensitivity of PET cameras allows subtle changes in radiotracer uptake to be visualized, increasing the predictive power of imaging.

The Radialis Clinical Research PET Camera is for research use only. 

Groundbreaking Technology

The Radialis Clinical Research PET Camera uses state-of-the-art silicon photomultiplier data acquisition, combining high signal gain and low signal noise. With a patented seamless detector array, the Radialis PET Research Camera achieves full coverage of the target area without gaps or dead zones.

Organ-Targeted | Radialis Medical

Organ Targeted

Bringing imaging sensors close to the area of interest increases imaging accuracy over whole body PET systems. The detectors can be rotated and patients positioned to place any targeted organ within the field of view. During breast imaging, the slim detector heads enable tight positioning against the chest wall.


High Sensitivity

The Radialis Clinical Research PET Camera offers exceptional radiotracer sensitivity. The peak absolute sensitivity at the centre of the field of view is 3.5% with normalized total absolute sensitivity of 2.4%. This high sensitivity translates into excellent in-plane image resolution of up to 2.5mm.

Low-Dose | Radialis Medical

Low Dose

High radiotracer sensitivity opens the possibility of significantly lower dose imaging with improved patient safety.

Easy To Deploy | Radialis Medical

Easy To Deploy

Advanced image acquisition technology has reduced the camera footprint and deployment costs. Participants can be comfortably positioned seated, standing, or lying down. The camera can operate from standard 120V/15A power.


We have built a system with a slim head and thin detector plates, enabling optimal visualization of the chest wall and deep chest lesions – abnormalities that can be difficult to view with full-body imaging systems. Our technology results in great image quality so crucial to accurate research studies, at a fraction of the cost and size of full-body systems.

About Radialis Medical

Radialis Medical is advancing precision medicine by providing the next generation of organ-targeted precision imaging. Our team includes industry leaders with a track-record of breaking new ground in medical imaging. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Leadership Team

Michael Waterston

Michael Waterston, MA MSc

Chief Executive Officer

Alla Reznik, PhD

Alla Reznik, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Oleksandr Bubon, PhD

Oleksandr Bubon, PhD

Chief Technology Officer